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Anazole Alpha Pharma 1mg is a reversible inhibitor of the aromatase enzymes. It is very good anti-neoplastic agent. It is designed to treat the breast cancer in females who have attained their menopausal stage. This is recommended when the tamoxifen do not respond to treat the surgical procedure for the breast cancer. Also it avoids the comeback of the breast cancer. Generic Anastrazole is the active compound of the drug. You can buy Anazole from our site at a very affordable price.

Anazole Alpha Pharma 1mg is the working element of the Arimidex. The medicine belongs to the class of the aromatase inhibitor. It is reversible non-steroidal drug. Aromatase enzymes basically carry out the conversion steps of androgens into estrogen. The breast cancer develops when there is excess amount of estrogen in body. It is a hormone replacement therapy. The aim of this therapy is to withdraw estrogen, which is alarmed to cause the expansion of tumour.

INDICATIONS FOR Anazole Alpha Pharma 1mg

  • Anazole is known to reduce the estradiol in males.
  • In teen-agers it is designated for pubertal gynecomastica.
  • In woman it is indicated to be used only in post-menopausal women for the treatment of breast cancer and also after surgery with or without radiation.

DRUG INTERACTION SHOWN BY Anazole Alpha Pharma 1mg

  • Anazole should not be used with tamoxifen as they can lessen the level of the drug in the body.
  • Estrogen hormone
  • products that contain estrogen
  • Cytochrome P450.

CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR Anazole Alpha Pharma 1mg

  • Anazole is not to be used in women who are pregnant
  • Anazole receiving patient should plan to conceive baby
  • Anazole is not to be used in patients with hypersensitivity reaction towards the drug.

Anazole is not to be used in premenopausal female patient.

DOSES OF Anazole Alpha Pharma 1mg

  • The preparation is offered in the tablet form.
  • The dose accepted is 1mg daily
  • It is to be taken once in a day.
  • In case of continuous tumor progression take the drug on regular basis.
  • Have the drug with or without food.
  • Maximum dose for a female in a day is 10 mg daily.