CYX3 Axio Labs 25mg


Substance: ClenbuterolPackage: 100 tabs (25mg)

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CYX3 Axio Labs 25mg (an oral blend of T3, Yohimbine and Clenbuterol)

Combines the synergistic fat burning power of beta adrenergic agonists) and alpha adrenergic antagonists (Yohimbine HCl), all to add the T3 characteristics of increase the metabolic rate by increasing Thyroid efficiency.

Clenbuterol –  37.5mcg

T3 – 25mcg

Yohimbine 5.4mg

CYX3 Axio Labs 25mg Effects and Dosage
The blend is very potent combination of a beta and alpha antagonist.Clenbuterol and Yohimbine promote fat loss through the same adrenergic system, but the effects are achieved through different mechanisms. Clenbuterol is a known thermogenics shown to directly stimulate fat cells metabolism and accelerate the breakdown of triglycerides to form free fatty acids. The hormone glucagon released signals the breakdown of the triglycerides by hormone-sensitive lipase to release free fatty acids.Yohimbine, being an antagonist of alpha-2 receptors shifts the balance of sympathetic activity to ensure that lypolisis occurs. This increases synaptic Norepinephrine release, one of the body’s own natural Lipolytic hormones. In effect, it acts as beta stimulating and alpha blocking properties, an ideal combination to stimulate fat loss.

Administration and Use: 

Clenbuterol should be built up and tapered off gradually with dosage increases and decreases every 3-4 days and doses never exceeding 160 µg per day for safety measures. It is administered for periods of 2-3 weeks then discontinued for equal periods of time to prevent the body’s metabolic system the ability to adapt to the metabolic effects. For fat-burning goals Clenbuterol is often stacked with another fat-burning agent for quick effect, or alternated with another fat-burning agent by people who need to stay lean for a promote period. Usually T3 is used for such purposes, with alternating cycles of 3 weeks each. If used together, cycles will not completely overlap!!! And a new adjustment is needed. A typical cycle for clenbuterol might be 3 weeks, with the daily amounts being 40/40/40/60/60/60/80/80/80/100/100/100/80/80/80/60/60/60/40/40/40 µg/day. Then stopping for three weeks and recommencing.

. Clenbuterol is generally regarded as fairly safe6, hence its wide-spread use. It is counter indicated for high blood pressure and/or previously diagnosed cardio-vascular problems. But most tolerate it quite well. One must watch from harsh side effect or over prolong period of administration. The use of Clenbuterol will elicit higher body temperature, higher blood pressure and in some, especially at high doses, insomnia and jitters. Though these should not be nearly as pronounced with Clenbuterol as they are with Ephedrine. They are also easily remedied by shifting doses around so one should not take Clenbuterol in the hours before bedtime and most of it in pre-training phases when the drug can enhance the desired results.