Halotestos Pharmacom Labs 10mg


Substance: FluoxymesteronePackage: 100 tabs (10mg)


Description Halotestos Pharmacom Labs 10mg

The huge popularity of a drug called Halotestos Pharmacom Labs 10mg or Fluoxymesterone, received among athletes who play heavy sports. The use of the Described drug is a derivative of Methyltestosterone, with some additives. Fluoxymesterone is characterized by potent androgenic effects, therefore it is great for an intense increase in physical strength. This would be especially helpful for athletes who are preparing for important competitions. The effectiveness of Halotestin allows for a fairly short period of time to achieve the desired results. The drug causes athletes a sense of aggression that will be needed for the formation of a strong will to exhausting training and, of course, to win. The proper reception of Halotestos Pharmacom Labs 10mg makes the muscles dense and hard, the extra fat tissues have been burnt down. The drug is accessible, so any modern athlete will be able to purchase it for effective preparation for a competition. Useful properties Worth to buy Fluoxymesterone because of its many advantages: Increase the level of aggression and physical strength in a relatively short time; increasing the density and stiffness of muscle mass, the portrayal of the venous network; Activation of erythropoietin production and hemoglobin synthesis; Potent fat burning effects. Side effects Characteristic Fluoxymesterone and some negative properties. Among them, the increase of oily skin and acne, suppression of the formation of testosterone, intense hair growth on the face and body, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and others. Features of the application In sports practice Halotestin recommended only to men. In women, this drug may cause virilization effects, which results in the deepening of the voice, increased owolosenie, change the shape of the male type. Often use Fluoxymesterone athletes who are engaged in various martial arts, hockey, athletics. Optimal dosage is the amount of drug from 5 to 40 mg per day. The steroid is available in tablet form, which are characterized by a short period activity. The course can last 2-6 weeks.