Halotever Vermodje 25mg


Substance: FluoxymesteronePackage: 50 tabs (25mg)


Manufacturer:, Oral Steroid, Which
Form release: 100 tab 10 mg/tab
Active substance: Fluoxymesterone
Country: Moldova
Halotever Vermodje 25mg, oral steroid, which (Halotestin) is preformed anabolic steroid with strong androgenic and a relatively weak anabolic effect. Mainly used to enhance strength, density, muscularity and aggression, without increasing total body mass. In view of the specific activity halotestin is used primarily by power athletes who want to increase a weight category, and also in Boxing and other combat sports before an event. Fluoxymesterone is very toxic to the liver. The exact mechanism of action is still not fully understood, it is assumed preceptories effect on muscles.
The optimal dose, oral steroid, which Halotever Vermodje 25mg is 10mg/day, it is not recommended to exceed 20 mg/day. In addition, prolonged use, oral steroid, which Halotever (over 6 weeks) may not be safe for sexual function. Based on the ratio of benefit and harm, the course, oral steroid, which Halotever Vermodje 25mg most appropriate only before competitions, in order to obtain two basic effects for enhancing physical strength and aggression.