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Substance: GW-1516Package: 100 tabs (10mg)

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Hennos Pharmacom Labs 10mg, belongs to a class of gene doping, which produces a Moldovan company Pharmacom Labs. The main active substance in the preparation is GW1516. It is used in those areas of sport where high level of endurance. Actively used in bodybuilding as a weight loss aid in the drying period. The mechanism of action of oral Hennos 10, is to generate additional energy. Because of the ability to strengthen the bloodstream and to change the process of metabolism, transport of lipids to sites of cleavage occurs much faster. The fat burning process is ensured by the enhanced expression of genes involved in the use of lipids as well as by increasing glucose uptake in the skeletal muscle type. The drug is able to exert active influence on the process of energy release. It performs the oxidation of fat cells and accelerates blood circulation. Due to this, fat cells are used as energy quickly transporteras in place of cleavage. Hennos oral 10, is capable of affecting the metabolism of carbohydrates. With proper use and observance of all the recommendations the drug is well increases muscle endurance, accelerate metabolism, and normalizes blood pressure. Also it enhances the process of fat-burning, which is used as energy. Hennos oral 10, acts at the gene level and is significantly different from the AAS. Growth is provided due to the influence of the drug on certain genetic centers. It increases endurance, strength and speed, and also affects the cardiovascular system, strengthening it. Studies show that about Hennos oral 10, enhances the ability of muscles to train without fatigue that affects the growth in the direction of bodybuilding and other disciplines. It will be particularly relevant with regular training. Contraindications to the drug, there may be problems of cardiovascular and nervous system. Hennos Pharmacom Labs 10mg, no negative effects, so post-cycle therapy is not required. “Hennos oral 10” Pharmacom: Feedback on oral Hennos 10, preferably positive. The athletes who during the reception were on the dryer, seeing an increase in endurance, positively affects the process of training. The training process becomes more intense and long lasting, allowing you to achieve better results. Negative opinions can be found among those who did not adhere to the dosages and faced with problems of digestion. Where to buy “Hennos oral 10” to Purchase a quality Hennos Pharmacom Labs 10mg, it is possible in the online store. The company’s products Pharmacom Labs, is in high demand and popular due to its quality. All products are certified and meet the standards. Original Hennos Pharmacom Labs 10mg, is able to give absolute effect of fat burning effect on the body. The obtained results are stored for a long time. The manufacturer products, has introduced a special system of protection, which is different from the original drug from a fake. Each product has a unique code that is on the package. The authenticity of the code, you can check on the official website of the manufacturer.