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Methandienon Body Pharm LTD 50mg – is a steroid with a sufficiently high anabolic activity and moderate androgenic effect, which is engaged in the production of pharmaceutical company BodyPharm LTD (Moldova). Also, this means an extensive list of notable positive effects (rapid increase in muscle mass, the effect of enhancing appetite, anti-catabolic effect, and so on) and fast, if not the longest action (period of activity – about 5 hours).

Currently Dianabol by BodiFarm used mainly within sports athletes in bodybuilding and athletes of many other disciplines (weightlifting, triathlon, etc.), Regularly use it to ensure the growth of muscle mass, strengthening the bone structure of the body, accelerate protein synthesis , increase strength and for other reasons. It can describe the drug useful in medicine, his active substance following indications for use in this area: chronic infectious diseases associated with protein loss, progressive muscular dystrophy, violation of protein synthesis after surgery or injury, and so on.

Properties and effects Methandienon Body Pharm LTD 50mg

The active ingredient of this drug is an anabolic and androgenic steroid methandrostenolone (methandienone), for many decades, and actively used within the sports practice and in the medical field. This modification was designed testosterone physician John Ziegler and released in the US market as early as the mid-20th century, when it was engaged in the production of pharmaceutical company Ciba. Initially, a steroid used to speed up the recovery of debilitated patients, in the treatment of burns, injuries and other damages (even appoint women to improve the overall tone), but then he became very popular in sports, especially in bodybuilding as a means to increase muscle mass and other indicators.

Steroid located at the heart of BodiFarm Dianabol, boasts a high anabolic activity is equal to 200 percent of endogenous testosterone, and moderate androgenic effect in 50 percent of testosterone. The period of its activity is about 5 hours after the last administration, tablets / pills. During the course, it can be diverse positive effects and properties, among which are such useful in improving the sport, such as:

• Improve the processes of protein synthesis;

• The rapid increase in muscle mass;

• The significant anti-catabolic effect;

• Increased appetite and power indicators;

• Creation of a positive nitrogen balance;

• Strengthening the skeletal system.