Methandienone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg


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From Radjay Methandienone – anabolic and androgenic steroid from Indian pharmaceutical companies. Release form of the drug – injection 100 mg/10 ml tablets of 12 mg/100 tab. The main active substance – methandienone. The steroid was invented in America in the 60-ies of the last century. The first company that produced the drug, was Ciba. The original purpose of manufacturing methandienone lay exclusively in the medical plane, and assumed the treatment of burns, increased tone in women and accelerate the recovery processes in the body.

Methandienone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg
Later, “methane” began to be used by athletes to build muscle and increase strength, despite the ban from the FDA is an American organization for the control of medicines and food products. Steroid refers to a group of the most dangerous AAS, even today, and actively promotes its harmfulness. I must say that the increasingly toxic effects of Dianabol exaggerated as well as underestimated his anabolism. As numerous studies and sports practice, given the phenomenon of recoil (which, incidentally, can be minimized by properly made aware) Methandienone from Radjay will allow you to gain up to 8 pounds of muscle mass. Methandienone manifests negligible estrogen activity, has a moderate effect on the liver. The duration of action of oral steroid – 6-8 hours detection time on drug test – up to three months. For professional athletes looks more preferable injectable form.

Effects from taking Methandienone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg

The effect of admission Methandienone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg increase muscle mass. The effect is due to the fact that the steroid activates protein synthesis. Solo the rate of methane from Raja allows you to gain up to 12 pounds, some of which is lost because of the phenomenon of rollback.
Reduction of the fat (the effect is insignificant and is observed only by the proper use of steroid).
Strengthen the skeletal system.
The increase in strength that accompanies the recruitment of muscle mass.
Only slightly androgenic effect (twice weaker than that of testosterone).
How to make Methandienone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg

The course Methandienone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg it is recommended that adult athletes to increase muscle mass and increase strength. Tablet form of steroid is a classic, the injection is virtually unmatched. Ultimate safe daily dosage is 30 milligrams. It is desirable to take the drug for 3 times: this allows you to avoid surges in hormonal levels. To begin better with minimal dosages (10 milligrams), gradually increasing it until the optimal. The maximum recommended duration of intake of Dianabol is 6 weeks. On the course you need to use aromatase inhibitors (eg Anastrozole), and at the end of it to hold PCT Tamoxifen.

As for how to make Methane from Raj in the form of injection, in principle, it is possible to follow the same scheme as for oral drug. On aware of possible jumps in blood pressure. In this case, it is recommended to use antihypertensive drugs (e.g., enalapril, dosed at 5 milligrams). To increase masonboro effect Methandienone from Radjay can be combined with Trenbolone, Sustanon, Testosterone, Nandrolone and Primobolan. In the preparation of the mixed circuit, the addition of testosterone.

Affectionate side effects

In the case of ignoring receiving aromatase inhibitors, a possible estrogenic reactions as gynecomastia. Methandienone conversorum in methylestradiol having a third more afferent to estrogenovmi receptors. On the impact of methane on the liver sometimes we can read real horror stories, but actually its impact is moderate. The most common, and practically inevitable consequence of the admission of steroid is fluid retention, which leads to a significant rollback of this weight gain upon completion of the course (50%). Also such side effects of Dianabol as acne, rapid increase and decrease of sexual desire (before and after the course respectively), hair loss, masculinization (women).

Reviews about Methandienone

Negative reviews about Methandienone from Radjay in most cases due to the dissatisfaction of athletes dialed back a significant mass. I must admit that completely to save weight really is impossible, but with proper pharmacological ensuring to minimize losses is quite real.

Feedback about the Methane from Raj talking about a small incidence of side effects as the injectable form of the drug and loyal price.