Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 10mg


Substance: MethandienonePackage: 50 tabs (10mg)

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Manufacturer: Zhehgzhou Pharmaceutical
Active substance: methandienone
Packaging: 50 tabs 10mg
DESCRIPTION – Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 10mg

Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 10mg – anabolic steroid type with a small androgennouu activity.Used in power sports! The oral form of steroids is most common among athletes wanting to quickly gain muscle mass and increase strength!

Methandienone ZPHC acts directly on growth quality mass, once inside the action starts, after 40 minutes, it holds in the body all the nutrients – minerals, amino acids, vitamins! For the best action of the steroid, preferably accepted sports nutrition, such as proteins and amino acids, this will increase the speed of growth of muscle mass and improve the effect of the steroid!

Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 10mg performing well in the solo course. If you want to achieve the best results, we recommend to apply Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 10mg with injectable steroids such as Sustanon or Nandrolone. More than one drug with zphc methane use is not recommended. Begin accepted tablets steroid 30mg a day dividing into 2-3 doses, then lift up to 40-60mg at the end of the course gradually lowering the dose! For DCR use Proviron in the middle of the course and at the end of the tamoxifen or clomid.

It is not recommended to make the oral form of steroid, not more than 6-8 weeks, may rise revelation timeout and pressure of the water present.
Overall, Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 10mg is a fairly effective steroid, side effects which can be avoided if the right to make a course and do not exceed the dosage of course. It is ideal for beginners and for the first course of steroids.