Methyltestosterone Genesis Pharmaceuticals 50mg


Substance: MethyltestosteronumPackage: 100 tabs (50mg)


Methyltestosterone Genesis Pharmaceuticals 50mg

Methyltestosterone Tablets – is almost a natural analogue of the hormone testosterone, but is slightly higher high anabolic and androgenic activity. Consequently, a direct effect of the steroid is almost identical to the effect of the natural hormone and causes a sharp increase in performance and athletic endurance, significant weight gain, but also has a positive effect on the joints of the reception (a through better lubrication).


The chemical structure of the same name of the active drug substance different primary testosterone mainly by the presence of the methyl group in the 17-alpha position, and led to the title. The need for addition of a methyl group in the structure because testosterone is impossible to use otherwise the oral route, which is destroyed in the liver, almost no influence on the organism.

Methyltestosterone Tablets properties are resistant to liver enzymes, which allows the drug to pass almost unhindered through it and be absorbed into the bloodstream. The first of this steroid precursor was synthesized in 1935, and became a discovery – the first steroid hormone and anabolic androgenic effects, suitable for the drug, not just applications.

The effect of these pills may not be the most suitable for use in bodybuilding and weightlifting, the drug is very strong androgen easily with taste and a lot of water accumulates. But I take it more than justified in strength sports. This causes a sharp rise in testosterone levels in the blood, a daily dosage of substances provides strong growth rates of power and endurance, promotes faster recovery after strength training, increases aggressiveness.
There are also similar drugs with the same active ingredient, but Methyltestosterone Tablets Genesis Polish company became very popular among athletes in different sports and are considered almost the best.


Guide describes the preparation medical use in men with reduced function of the testicles and women for cancer of the mammary glands. After receiving the steroid it remains active for 6-8 hours in total. In doping tests, according to the comments of athletes left in our forum, which is for another 4-6 weeks after the end of the course.

Methyltestosterone Genesis Pharmaceuticals 50mg sublingual dosage possible (under the tongue) or oral (drinking water, orally). It has a powerful androgenic activity. Steroid becomes the blood is not normal dihydrotestosterone, a more potent and its modification – 17-methyl-testosterone.

Side effects associated with Genesis Methyltestosterone Tablets easy estrogen conversion, and the presence of the methyl group has a negative effect on the liver. In this sense, there may be efectoa side such as gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, abnormal liver function (only in case of abuse), and because of the androgen strong – acne, increased aggression, sweating, hair loss , testicular atrophy.

To prevent violations of the subject is necessary, regardless of the cost at a pharmacy or online store, buy drugs and anti-estrogen drugs post-cycle recovery. Recent necessary to normalize the production of testosterone, which describes the genesis of the product can be greatly reduced.

Methyltestosterone Genesis Pharmaceuticals 50mg AS TAKING

Relatively safe dose for athletes is considered receiving 10 to 50 mg per day of the drug over the course of 4 weeks in the area long. This short course due to the high risk of adverse side effects with prolonged use of the drug. Throughout the course of the reception, be sure to monitor the level of liver enzymes and take appropriate measures to prevent irreversible health effects testing. At the same time, the side effect of increasing the number of law enforcement aggression is considered positive, it helps to actively participate.

It is widely believed that the use of tablets Methyltestosterone allows you cough for up to training and competition on an emotional level. Above all, this property is ideal for exercise, they need explosive power.

If the athlete wants to perform a steroid cycle, the course Methyltestosterone Genesis Pharmaceuticals 50mg – obviously not the best option. The drug must be replaced safer of anabolic steroids. There are even options that are designed specifically for use by women or young people in order to minimize side effects.

Course methyltestosterone tablets Genesis gives good results in an increase in mass and strength when used alone, but if the athlete is interested in a more potent drug combination possible results with other anabolics. Therefore, for maximum gain steroids muscle well with nandrolone decanoate, enanthate trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or mass. To increase the strength / resistance is one of the best combination of injection of stanozolol.