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Oxanabol Alpha Pharma 10mg DESCRIPTION

Oxanabol Alpha Pharma 10mg is a powerful anabolic steroid oral administration. For the first time, the drug appeared on the pharmaceutical market back in 1964. Then it was developed by the famous company the Sears. A key feature is that Oxanabol was created for the treatment of women and children, so its impact on the body was the most gentle and gentle. Oxanabol had to help in the treatment of osteoporosis is to stimulate growth. In modern medicine the drug is used for and restore the skin after severe burns, to strengthen the ligaments and bones in Turner Syndrome. The drug will help You to set of lean muscle mass, increase strength, increase the release rate of growth hormone.

Active substance Oxanabol Alpha Pharma 10mg
Oxandrolone – deystvuet substance. This is a steroid that has a very pronounced effect. By itself, the steroid – synthetic. He has heterociclici a-ringing with the substitution of an atom of the carbon plan for the hydrogen atom of the molecule. Anabolic activity of the drug is very high. Given the fact that the androgenic activity and only 24 percent of testosterone, the drug has become very popular among athletes of athletics. The special feature of Oxandrolone is that it does not affect the weight and makes the muscles more strong, flexible, explosive. Training becomes dynamic, strength significantly increased.
The Effect Of Oxanabol Alpha Pharma 10mg
Oxanabol is a powerful drug. It acts on the body at the molecular level. The feature of this steroid is that it does not affect the recruitment of muscle mass. Oxanabol is popular among athletes the category of athletics. Also, this steroid is in high demand among boxers, karate, football, and so on. Steroid simply qualitatively affects the muscles. It does not increase the number of muscle fibers and improves those muscle fibers that are already there. Yes, weight gain can be traced. But it is not so critical.
How to take Oxanabol Alpha Pharma 10mg
Receiving steroid lasts for 6-8 weeks. As a rule, admission Oxanabol practice step scheme. This means that you should start with a dose of 20 milligrams per day. The dosage is gradually increased to 80 milligrams. Why is it so slow? Because Oxanabol directly affects the secretion of growth hormone. If you just take the steroid intensively, the possible hormonal imbalance. And this is not healthy for You.
Course Oxanabol is often combined with:
The Sustanon
This combination will not only help to increase the effect of the reception, but to avoid unnecessary side effects.
It should be noted that if Oxanabol is not the only drug on the course, its intake should not exceed daily dose of 40 milligrams.
The effect of Oxanabol
This drug is unique in that it qualitatively improves the muscular system. Muscles become more rigid and dry. The workouts become a dynamic and impact the pace and against this background, the endurance is much higher.
What we have in the end?
A set of muscle mass (dry at least)
A serious gain in power performance
Stimulation of burning fat (perfect for drying)
Increases the secretion of growth hormone
PKT Oxanabol
PKT is preferably carried out with tamoxifen in the last 10 milligrams throughout the day. For the past two weeks should stabilize production of natural testosterone.
Side effects
Generally, Oxandrolone is a derivative of EO dihydrotesterone. This means that the drug does not aromatize in the body. But at the same time, excessive use and excessive doses adversely affects the General condition of the body. Among the side effects from taking include: liver damage, reduced appetite, headaches, migraines, sexual dysfunction. The latter side effect occurs very rarely, but his appearance cannot be ruled out at all.
Typically, the drug is not recommended to take young people under the age of manolete. Also note that oxanabol do not take people who fell ill with breast cancer, prostate cancer. It is impossible to use the drug and those who have present problems with liver or kidneys. If You don’t want to hurt yourself, then be sure to pre-course consult a doctor or professional trainer.