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Description Oxanatabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 50mg
Oxandrolone was created in 1964 in the bowels of the American company Searle (Searle co), and sold under the brand name “Anavar” in the US market for over 25 years. The creators of steroid can be considered as two officers Searle — Jung and Pappa, they developed the idea of the introduction of a heteroatom in the steroid skeleton. After a series of not particularly successful attempts, the oxygen atom was introduced into the second position (ring A), which gave the result of the drug, later called Oxandrolone.
The first experiments on rats have shown a sharp decline in experimental animals nitrogen in the urine, which is evidence of increasing protein synthesis of muscle fibers, but at the same time, the almost complete lack of tangible growth as muscle (remember, in this kind of experiments examined the muscle levator ani) and prostate.
July 1, 1989, the production of American Anavar was discontinued, but its analogues continue to be issued until now. In recognition of the well-known bodybuilder Mike Kristina (Mike Christian), that Oxandrolone were his first anabolic steroid drug and allowed to achieve impressive of increases in strength and mass. History is silent about the dosages that were used by Mr. Krischan, but he still remains almost the only athlete who is managed.
Unlike the vast majority of anabolic steroid drugs, the main use of Oxandrolone is beyond sports — this drug is widely used in medical practice. As for sports, there Oxandrolone is mostly used in athletics, swimming etc. In power sports — bodybuilding, weightlifting, barbell, strongman — it is used much less frequently. The main obstacle to its use by athletes-the”siloviki” — a very high price (if those athletes can do 2-4 pills of Oxandrolone per day, the “security forces” requires a dose several times higher, dosages see below).
Thanks to the ability to dramatically enhance the synthesis of creatine phosphate in muscle fibers, Oxandrolone can give a significant increase in strength without resulting in significant increases in weight, a quality that can be appreciated by athletes light weight categories. It increases in power terms – the main advantage of Oxandrolone with regard to weight, it is hardly justified to use for this purpose such an expensive tool. Despite the fact that the Oxandrolone is very well stabilize the androgen receptor (perhaps even better than testosterone), its use even in very high dosages does not lead to a significant increase in muscle mass.
At the same time, Oxandrolone is considered one of the most powerful anticatabolic, he’s very good, “occupying” cortisol receptors, as their antagonist (prevents activation). That’s why Oxandrolone is often used in between cycles to maintain muscle mass (here it is usually combined with andriol — testosterone undecanoate), as well as during preparation for a competition if the application of testosterone propionate is undesirable. By the way, in addition to anti-catabolic activity, Oxandrolone has another useful quality — it has absolutely no influence on the body’s production of testosterone.
And yet the main purpose of Oxandrolone is preparing for the competition. A number of studies report the presence of Oxandrolone the ability to burning fat, probably, it is connected with the ability of the drug very well stabilize the androgen receptor. The use of Oxandrolone causes severe upregulation (increase the number) of androgen receptors, including those in adipose tissue — even one fact, testifying in favor of the presence of fat-burning properties of the drug. About the anti-catabolic drug activity, the property is also extremely important during the “drying”, it was said.
The use of Oxanatabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 50mg in conjunction with either fluoxymesterone drostanolone increases the stiffness of the muscles that useful ahead of the competition. Finally, the metabolites of Oxandrolone fully leave the body for 10-12 days, so the drug can be taken before the competition, which will carry out the doping control.
Side effects Oxanatabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 50mg
To certainly the positive traits of Oxandrolone can be attributed almost complete lack of this steroid side effects Methenolone, along with Oxandrolone is the safest drug. Oxandrolone does not aromatize in any dosages has no effect on the production of endogenous testosterone so it is possible, as already mentioned, to use in between cycles in order to avoid loss of muscle mass.
The only thing that can spoil the impression of the drug is the presence of the alkyl group in the 17 position, in other words, the Oxandrolone is potentially dangerous to the liver. However, in the case of violations of the liver caused by that steroid, as far as I know, never recorded. Another not very nice feature of Oxandrolone — the ability to provoke diarrhea, and this is especially true for the following dosages. However, diarrhoea still occurs in a minority of athletes taking Oxandrolone, and for all the trouble that accompany this disorder, life-threatening it can not be attributed.
It should be noted that a normal return on drug athletes strength sports should be expected from a daily dosage of Oxandrolone at 50 mg. But even when taking daily 150 mg of the drug, that is, without “support” from outside the other steroids to hope for any significant gain in muscle mass is not necessary.
In the intervals between cycles daily dose can be reduced to 30-40 mg. Based on the half-life of Oxandrolone is 8-9 hours, the daily dose can be divided into three equal parts and take the same in equal time intervals.
Combination Oxanatabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 50mg with other drugs
About combining Oxandrolone with other steroids is a little discussed, but it is useful to be told to repeat. The drug can be used as “support” in massonary cycles, which is the basis of testosterone or nandrolone, quite good, can be considered a purely “oral” cycles, in which the intake of Oxandrolone combined with the intake of methandrostenolone or oxymetholone. But it is still impossible in any case to consider the main purpose of Oxandrolone.
At the stage of “drying” Oxandrolone makes a good background for work of clenbuterol, and other drugs during this period it is advisable to use stanozolol or fluoxymesterone. For increased strength without significant increases in bulk, Oxandrolone is best combined with the same stanozololum. On the eve of the competition, the combination of the drug with either fluoxymesterone drostanolone will help to give the muscle stiffness. Finally, between cycles, the intake of Oxandrolone can be combined with the intake of andriol or Methenolone.
The use of women
Oxandrolone is an almost ideal drug for use not only women, but also young athletes, this is its another great advantage. Steroid does not cause virilization at all, does not affect it and the so-called “zones of growth” in young people. With regard to dosage, for women they should be lower and lie in the range 20-40 mg per day.