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How to increase your power and thus not to turn into a mountain of muscles? We all know that fat tissue and muscle with the same volume have different weights. Each person the rate of growth of muscle mass relative to strength development of the individual. Someone enough to make a couple of approaches a squat, a push press, and muscles grow on eyes. Others may have the same strength to spend in the gym the same amount of time and absorb the protein in enormous quantities, while the muscles will emerge only at high voltage. Such people are popularly known as “wiry”.

Question lean muscle mass, and its appearance is primarily important for professional athletes. For some athletes every kilogram of excess weight is critical: it is the fighters, weightlifters, who perform in a certain weight category; gymnasts, which is important to maintain optimal weight for qualitative performance of acrobatic elements, etc. the Drug is also popular in bodybuilding and powerlifting during the period of “dry muscle”, with the purpose of increase of the bump before the performance or competition.

Some fans of a healthy lifestyle this issue is also concerned, as many people come to the gym to be slim and beautiful, not really increasing muscle mass while maintaining training intensity.

For such cases was developed by a great anabolic steroid drug Oxandrolone Balkan Pharmaceuticals. It should be noted that the steroid exists in the market for quite a long time and during that time has earned a positive reputation, but also is widespread among athletes and athletes. His “ancestor” is a steroid drug Anavar, which appeared in the U.S. in 1964.

Oxandrolone Balkan Pharma is the modern equivalent, which produces the Moldovan company Balkan Pharma is not new to the pharmaceutical market. In fact, the drug has passed the test of time, and, therefore, its reliability and usefulness can be guaranteed.

In addition, a clear advantage of this drug is its relative “softness”, i.e. the safety and harmlessness compared to other similar funds. It is allowed to accept not only women, but also teenagers, young sport exchanges. In medicine, the steroid is also widely used, which further verifies its effectiveness and to some extent health benefits.

I want to say that Oxandrolon Balkan Pharmaceuticals 10mg is only available in tablets (10mg/tab, 100tab). Any other form is a fake. Beware of scams – it can cost you health.

Oxandrolon Balkan Pharmaceuticals 10mg: effect of steroid

As noted above, the pharmacological effect of the drug is aimed at maintaining muscle mass on a certain level with the development of power qualities. This effect is achieved thanks to the strong property of antimetabolite, which blocks the receptors of cortisol, not allowing them to be activated.

THE COURSE OF Oxandrolon Balkan Pharmaceuticals 10mg

To ensure the correct effect, the daily rate for an athlete during a cycle of intense training is between 50 mg to 150 mg. Please note that this rule only applies to men. For women, despite the good tolerance and the absorption of the drug by the organism, the daily dose should not exceed 40 mg, i.e. 4 tablets a day.

On the effects of abuse and overdose describe later. For Teens, the rule will be roughly comparable to women’s. However, preliminary consultation with an experienced expert is necessary. In the intervals between cycles daily rate for men is much lower and should not exceed 30-40 mg outset that it is not necessary to consume the daily requirement in one go. On the contrary, it is strongly recommended to distribute the dose evenly in two or three times and take throughout the day.

Specific dosage depends on many factors and individual characteristics of the organism including physical state, cycle, etc.

Under normal conditions of use Oxandrolone, Balkan pharmaceuticals will provide the desired effect: the muscles will be quite stiff and ridged, without a “watery” look.

To take Oxandrolone Balkan pharmaceuticals you can also in conjunction with other drugs, including steroid, for example, containing testosterone, methandienone, and oxymetholone, Methenolone. It is perfectly combined with clenbuterol or stanozolol (in cycle period muscle “drying”). If there are problems with taking testosterone, then it is recommended to combine with nandrolone decanoate.

For the experienced athlete or the most experienced expert in matters of pharmacology, the recommendations are clear. We are well aware that for the beginner the names of some substances may seem simple set of letters, or magical words whose meaning he does not understand.

Do not worry, the main thing you need to remember at this stage: the product is light enough allows to build a combination with other drugs. For the selection of the necessary combination is recommended to consult with a specialist, to communicate on the forum with experienced people.


This drug is recommended for professional athletes and not contraindicated lovers who are engaged in fitness or any other physical activity for fun. In a particular sport, the drug was adapted for their purposes. Bodybuilders use it during the “drying”, wrestlers and athletes to control the muscle mass to remain within their competitive category.

It is noteworthy that this drug is approved for use not only men but also women, children, young athletes. The latter are used for purposes of stimulating the growth and development of bone tissue, as well as to improve the quality of muscles. However, it is recommended to initially consult with professional experts. As in the case of children the probability of occurrence of contra-indications increases significantly, as does the risk of overdose.

For people aged more than forty years Oxandrolone Balkan is the most preferable tool in comparison with other similar funds, as even large doses do not lead to the body’s own testosterone. In addition, Oxandrolone, Balkan does not have an overwhelming effect on hormones.