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Oxandrolon Body Pharm LTD 50mg: description properties
The drug has the same name its active substance is Oxandrolone, which is a strong enough anabolic steroid (≈ 400% of endogenous testosterone) with minimal androgenic activity (≈ 25% of endogenous testosterone), and having a short activity (half-life ≈ 8-12 hours).
Oxandrolon Body Pharm LTD 50mg as analogs for active active ingredient, is structurally a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. This explains many of the pharmacological quality: never aromatize (not converted into estrogen), and therefore does not cause estrogen side effects such as fluid retention and gynecomastia; has a high affinity binding with sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), reducing its function and increasing the effectiveness of other steroid hormones; not progestogenic (progestagenic activity – not typical), and thus does not cause progestinami side effects, typical of, for example, all nandrolones and trenbolone; and so on.
The effects of Oxandrolone Bodyfarm for the athlete:
• Body fat reduction;
• Qualitative muscle growth;
• The topography of the muscles;
• Increasing the density of muscles;
• Increase your stamina;
• Growth of power indicators.
Proven: drugs with the active the active ingredient Oxandrolone stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, which only increases their value in the sport.
However, where there is a strong effect, there are likely side effects. And Oxandrolone Bodyfarm is no exception: it is among the most safe for the men and women of steroid hormones, but not completely harmless. The probable complications include: decreased testosterone production, increased blood pressure, headache, suppression of libido, and loss of appetite and some others. Also do not forget that it is moderately-weakly hepatotoxic steroid drug.
Oxandrolon Body Pharm LTD 50mg: course
The use of Oxandrolone Bodyfarm to achieve optimal progress conducting a long-term, but without abuse, to side effects do not cut off a useful effect. The average is 6 (max 7-8) whole weeks, which is enough even for experienced Amateur and professional sports.
For maximum results it is preferable not abuse, and combinational use of a drug with other sports pharmacology. As a product of the fact he effectively blends with different properties steroid hormone from drostanolone to propionate boldenone undecylenate.
Examples of matching courses of Oxandrolone Bodyfarm:
The course Methenolone enanthate for 8 whole weeks for women in sports. Such a combination will not only provide athletes visible improvement as a quality muscle growth, increase strength and burn fat, but will go without consequences. If you stick to moderate doses (≈ 10-20 mg of Oxandrolone per day, ≈ 50-150 mg Methenolone enanthate per week), androgenic masculinization (virilization) are virtually eliminated.
The course drostanolone and testosterone propionate for 6 weeks – working a combination to set of lean muscle mass and burning fat but recommended already the men in the sport. Doses typically do not exceed ≈ 100 mg a day of testosterone and drostanolone of propionate (each, not total), and ≈ 50 mg per day of Oxandrolone.
It is important that the rate of intake of Oxandrolone bodyfarm describe the laudatory customer reviews. In moderate dosage (within the 40-60 mg per day) it is characterized by a predominant useful over side effects. His application was completely without problems, please consult with a specialist, excluding potential contraindications, such intolerance by the body and liver failure.