Oxandrolone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg


Substance: OxandrolonePackage: 50 tabs (25mg)

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Manufacturer: Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Form release: 25 mg – 100 tablets
Active substance: oxandrolone
Country: India
Oxandrolone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg firmly occupies the top ranks of professional bodybuilders. While most sports of substances aimed at increasing muscle mass, this is needed to give relief and reduce subcutaneous fat. They are athletes Pro level, for that would give the body a greater seenost and dryness. Buy guaranteed factory Radjay Oxandrolone can we.
Popularity Radjay Oxandrolone is acquired due to its low androgennouu level, while the anabolic index was very high. Part of why, the first time it was used for the treatment of HIV patients, and then passed under the attention of the bodybuilders. The price of rajai Oxandrolone is low compared to provide a super effect.
Guide to Radjay Oxandrolone

Often the rate of the Raja of Oxandrolone used in solo, with a total duration of 6-8 weeks. Dosage amount to 20 mg per day during the week, divided into 2 doses, morning and evening. In a week it is recommended to increase to 40 mg per day, in 3 divided doses. Instructions for use Radjay Oxandrolone implies a gradual increase of dosages.
The effect of Oxandrolone Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 25mg:

Fat burning effects
The building lean hard muscle
The increase in growth hormone (somatropin synthesis)
The increase in power
If your goal is to gain muscle mass, this drug is not recommended for use. Effect Radjay Oxandrolone is best manifested in those who already have impressive mass. Thanks to this drug you will be able to give the muscles and bring relief subcutaneous fat. While observing the increase in muscle mass and increase growth hormone levels.