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The drug Oxandrolone is an oral anabolic steroid which was created by the specialists of the company Searle Laboratories in 1964, and became known under the brand name Anavar. Originally Oxandrolone is widely used in medicine, but today it is preferred by athletes of different categories. With a minimum of side effects, the steroid can significantly increase strength and promotes fast fat burning. Anavar is included in the list controlled by the bodybuilding drugs.

THE STRUCTURE AND NATURE OF THE EFFECTS OF Oxandrolone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 20mg
The compound is a synthetic steroid. His ring And has the shape of a heterocycle, and the place of the second carbon atom is an oxygen atom. Thanks to this structure, the drug has a high anabolic effect subject to slight androgenic activity.

Consumers wishing to buy Oxandrolone should know that the main effects from its use are:

Increase strength without the active growth of muscle mass. It should also be noted that the steroid is not capable of turning into estrogen, which is a distinct advantage.
The increase of hardness and improvement of the prominence of the musculature. Muscles slightly increasing in volume, and become denser and visible.
The fat burning zone. Expressive topography is created due to the decrease in the volume of body fat. Moreover, clinical studies have shown that after an intake of Oxandrolone is returned not more than 17% fat.
Increase the blood levels of growth hormone.
The steroid is suitable for athletes, has already managed to gain perfect muscle mass, and interested in shaping the relief or increase muscular strength. If needed, Oxandrolone can be combined with the diet – it dulls the feeling of hunger.

THE SCOPE OF THE Oxandrolone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 20mg
Bodybuilders use it rarely – only during drying, or the preparation for a competition. In some cases, steroid taking lifters, and it has spread among women bodybuilders. And one of the reasons for this popularity is the inability of the drug to influence the body’s production of testosterone hormone.

Side effects of Oxandrolone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 20mg a bit. He has no significant toxic effects on the liver, does not affect hormonal or reproductive ability. In some cases, the person taking the drug, you experience headaches, nausea, abdominal pain or disorders of the chair. However, the probability of their occurrence is negligible, if not exceeded the dosage. Therefore, Oxandrolone is suitable for both men and women or young athletes.