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The active ingredient Oxandrolonos Pharmacom Labs 10mg from Pharmacom Labs – Oxandrolone – steroid with extremely high anabolic (four times higher than that of testosterone) and androgenic low (four times lower than testosterone) activity. The substance was discovered in 1964 by Searle Laboratories company and sold under the name Anavar. Oxandrolone is a synthetic steroid with heterocyclical ring And in which instead of the carbon atom has the element of oxygen. Initially, the drug used to treat HIV-infected patients and for those suffering from anemia and Turner syndrome. Effective Oxandrolone and to strengthen the tendons and bones, recovery after burns.

Today the main field of application of the substance sports. Difference Oxandrolonos 10 from most anabolic steroids is that its intake does not increase muscle mass but gives a significant increase in strength and endurance. Unfortunately, today it is very common fakes. In the fight with them, Pharmacom Labs has developed a special system of protection. You will be able to the originality of the drug through the code printed on the blister.

EFFECTS FROM TAKING Oxandrolonos Pharmacom Labs 10mg

Improving the prominence of the musculature. Oxandrolone is an effective fat burner. Often used by bodybuilders in the final stages of preparation for the competition. Oxandrolonos allows you to get ripped and hard muscles.

Increase power performance. The steroid is very popular among boxers, athletes, wrestlers and other sports that have weight categories. Taking Oxandrolonos you are not at risk to fail the weigh-in immediately before the tournament.

Increased secretion of growth hormone. Formulation of somatropin organism occurs mainly at night during a strong and long sleep.

Jrockyaoi effect. The drug stimulates the body to use fat cells as energy sources.

APPLICATION Oxandrolonos Pharmacom Labs 10mg

Course Oxandrolonos is from 6 to 8 weeks. The length of treatment and dosage are chosen based on the individual characteristics of the athlete, namely, his experience in the use of anabolic steroids, weight, gender, athletic performance and goals. In the presence of contraindications and health problems from the drug should be abandoned.

How to take Oxandrolonos 10? Initial dosage at the rate of solo is 20 to 30 milligrams per day. Gradually, it increased to 40-50, sometimes 80-100 milligrams. To maintain a constant hormonal it is advisable to split the dose 3-4 hours. In the absence of side effects, a solo course you can “tighten” for 8 weeks. After discontinuation of the drug for several days is recommended to start taking Tamoxifen (10 mg per day) and continue it for 1-2 weeks before full recovery of the secretion of the body’s own testosterone. That Oxandrolonos gave the maximum effect, you must combine it with a special sports nutrition.

SIDE EFFECTS Oxandrolonos Pharmacom Labs 10mg

I must say that the side effects from Oxandrolonos – a rarity. Although the steroid is an alpha-17 alkilirovanny, it practically does not render toxic effects on the liver. The conducted studies confirm this: after 12 weeks of taking Oxandrolone, no one subject identified no change in liver enzymes. However, at high dosages in the body suppressed the production of gonadotropin, and as a result, possible testicular atrophy. It is established that Oxandrolone taken in daily dosage is 80 milligrams, reduces testosterone production by 67%.