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Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma 50mg description
Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma 50mg is a powerful anabolic steroid that acts on the human body on the human body at the genetic and molecular level. This preparation will allow You to get optimal physical condition, to achieve muscle growth, to get out of stagnation, to new indicators in the power categories.
The uniqueness of this reality is that just two weeks of hard course you can gain up to 7 pounds of muscle mass. The drug makes your muscles explosive strength. Even hours of training will not be hard for You. You will cease to be tired from physical exertion. This drug is often used by powerlifters, bodybuilders, representatives of light and heavy athletics.
A distinctive highlight of Oxitosona think its therapeutic effect on the joints. Usually, anabolic preparations dried sinovialnuu fluid from the joint. The same product – on the contrary. Helps increase the amount of liquid, which reduces friction of joints, and therefore, minimizes pain athletes with heavy physical exercise.
The active substance of Oxydrolone
The active ingredient Oxitosona – Oxymetholone. It is a strong anabolic and androgenic steroid, which hit the market pharmacology, like many other drugs, in the early sixties. The synthesis of the drug was the company Syntex pharmaceuticals. Original purpose of oxymetholone was purely pharmacological.
The drug contributed to the recruitment of muscle mass in frail patients with a poor appetite. Also anabolic treated anemia and osteoporosis. After 7 years, the drug was approved by the Federation Pharmacological Studies of the United States as a substance which can be widely used for physical development. In the future to treat diseases, medical properties which were attributed to Oxymetholone, was withdrawn of new drugs. And deystvuuschie substance oxitosona forever remain in the field of sports pharmacology.
The peculiarity of this product lies in its high anabolic properties. This is a 320 percent anabolic effects compared to testosterone. Androgenic properties – two times less from the same cloth.
During the action of the drug, there is a clear estrogenic effect. At the same time, the liver oxymetholone acts quite moderately. The duration of action of the drug is 15 hours. Completely excreted from the body before sample doping for two months.
THE EFFECT OF Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma 50mg
The drug acts almost instantly. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it attaches to the muscle shock the explosive power. Oxymetholon affects the body not genetically. Once in the blood, the drug penetrates through the cell membrane into the cell. There it triggers an anabolic process that promotes the healthy protein synthesis and muscle recovery.
During the term of oxymetholone in the body of a typed water. On the one hand, it is negative side. On the other, workouts become easier and more comfortable. Hydrolysis of the muscles at the cellular level ensures fast recovery, impact and dynamic load. Experienced athletes notice a serious surge of energy. Even the long hours and intense training does not cause fatigue. One more detail – a pile of muscles instantly. This allows you to train almost all muscle groups during exercise. The effect of reparation of muscle and bone structure can achieve phenomenal performance. The main release of the drug in tablets, making the use of anabolic more comfortable and convenient.

How to take Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma 50mg

Usually Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma 50mg take to increase muscle mass. It is the impact of the drug. The duration of intake should be limited from 4 to 6 weeks. Approximate dosage of up to hundreds of milligrams per day.
Usually the frequency of taking the drug is determined individually. Are you referring to reception frequency during the day. Standard athletes share the reception 2-3 times. It is also worth noting that Oxidase is unique in that increasing the dosage will not lead to more serious results. But the chance to “catch the effects of the” increases by 50 percent. Athletes who use the drug for the first time, as a rule, limit the dosage to 50 milligrams during the day. Unaccustomed to the farm, the body will produce results “on the mountain”, at the same time, the effect of the drug on health will be minimal.
Often Oxydrol combine the course with other drugs. Conventional it is used in conjunction with:
The Primobolan
The boldenone
Esters Of Testosterone
Suspension of stanozolol
In the wrong dosage, the latter two drugs can damage the ligaments. So, be careful.
In any case, if You are going to use this steroid solo or in combined form, it is best to consult with a specialist. He will be able to consider individual features of Your body, which the lifter to see not.
The effect of Oxydrolone
As a rule, the effectiveness of the drug just crazy. If You are competing – you can safely use this product. The drug is one of the most effective steroids.
When applying tabletirovanii shape and genetic predisposition for one solo of course, just think, you can gain up to 15 pounds of mass. Naturally, due to the fact that the drug is water retention, rollback will take You from 15 to 30% weight gain. But, compared to other anabolics, even with a serious back – You will have a huge advantage.
Now let’s clearly get the points.
Intensive fattening and muscle hypertrophy
Development of strength during hard training
Medical impact on your joints. The athletes with the joint problems, the pain goes away
The decrease in the concentration of globulin in the blood will allow the drug to literally make a shocking effect on the body.

PKT Oxydrolone
Course Oxymetholone seriously affects the body. In order to bring your body in a stable state, you will need to start taking for months testosterone boosters.
Often, athletes used the extract of Tribulus. It is carried out with the aim of restoring endogenous testosterone picture. Also, these drugs will achieve the early restoration of libido, which can fade away in view of the fact that oxymetholone – synergist (mutes the creation of sex hormones).
Side effects of Oxydrolone
Previously it was thought that the drug is terribly toxic to the liver. To date, research has shown that particular risk steroid is not. However, everything is smooth, the side effects can occur. They appear or because of incorrect use and overdose, or because of intolerance of the drug by the body. The main effects are: increased blood pressure, fluid retention in the body, the appearance of gynecomastia. You may also experience stomach problems: nausea, diarrhea, poor appetite. It is recommended to monitor a constant level of estradiol to avoid critical negative effects.