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Oxymetholone Genesis Pharmaceuticals 20mg

oxymetholone – a drug legend, that is famous for all the athletes. It was designed in 1960 in Mexico. And almost as soon as the drug reaches the american market. Initially, the drug was to be used to treat anemia. But as it turned out later, oxymetholone was not sufficiently effective for the treatment. The pharmaceutical produce a wide range of other drugs that are more effective. But in spite of this fact, oxymetholone got his life “the other.” He began to use actively in the sport. But still today this steroid still used in medicine as a drug that stops the loss of muscle mass.
oxymetholone – a steroid that has a synthetic origin. Why is it used in sports? athletes and bodybuilders experienced to say that is not necessary, since the drug is known, probably, to all the world. But it is necessary to remember once more, or known to those who have decided for the first time to buy oxymetholone.
oxymetholone (that might have come across this drug and by other names, such as Anadrol) is used for the treatment of malnutrition. It is also prescribed to people who suffer from cancer and radiation sickness very weak after a serious illness earlier. It lends vitality and allows you to quickly add significant weight. It is the ability to obtain quickly the muscle mass and increase of the energy tariffs are attracted by this steroids and athletes from all over the world.
For a course of a drug bodybuilder can win 13-15 kg of weight. However, it is worth bearing in mind that not all of them are pounds of muscle mass. Effects of the drug on the receptors of estrogen and progesterone causes the accumulation of water and the deposition of a certain amount of fatty tissue. For this reason, the reduction of the dose or complete cessation of the reception oximetolonaa occur any shelter of the result obtained.
Another positive quality of the drug is that, thanks to the ability of the anabolic increase the synthesis of collagen in the ligaments and joints, which has a positive effect on strengthening and supporting the functioning of the human machine.

The desire to achieve results of vertigo should not be pushing to uncontrolled receiving this medication. The men must follow the instructions and do not consume more than 200 mg per day. Women are limited best 50 mg This dose should be divided into 2-3 doses. The duration of full course should not exceed 8 weeks. After your closing you should do a long pause before recycling.
A large concentration of water in the tissues of the body – this is one of the side effects of the drug, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Effects such as irritability, aggressiveness, anorexia or nausea occur less often, but it may still be the result of receiving oximetolonaa.
Before you buy oxymetholone, you must know that it is a very negative effect on the liver, therefore, the concomitant use of drugs that protect you, it is a necessity.
To abstain from the use of oral steroid before referred to should be people suffering from diabetes, t. A. The tool reduces the body’s sensitivity to insulin.
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Effect on the body
oxymetholone has on the body, and anabolitizacion high androgenic effect. What are these conditions? The first thing that the steroid is so appreciated – your capacity to increase and accelerate the synthesis of proteins, and muscles, therefore grown fast. That is what is anabolitica action. This ability is the root of steroid use, in particular, oxymetholone.
As determined by the activity of anabolitizacion steroids? As the basis and the drive to take the activity of testosterone. Effects of other drugs is equal to it.
If anabolic activity – is a phenomenon which is positive from taking steroids, is androgenic activity is to blame for them. The side effects of such activity may be the loss of hair on the head, and an increase of body hair, acne, rashes, and much more. The unit of the indicator is also taken testosterone. Therefore, it is an androgenic activity all the manufacturers are trying to reduce or minimize.
Admission oxymetholone in turn provides:
1. The increase of the muscle mass in a short period of time;
2. The increase of the force and the energy;
3. The lubrication of the joints.
During the administration of the drug to a significant amount of red blood cells the blood increases. These are cells small blood, which carry oxygen throughout the body. As a result of this increased capacity and the resistance of the muscle mass of work.
If you decide to buy oxymetholone in Europe, you should be sure that you familiarize yourself with the rules of reception and dose of medicine. Typically, it is advised to the athletes to take 1-4 tablets a day. But do not start taking a higher dose. Recommended even bodybuilders experienced to take oxymetholone the drug with doses lower than those indicated in the instructions. The increase of the oxymetholone dose must be gradual. Start out with a tablet. After a week, you can increase the dose of the drug. Try to take oxymetholone in the morning and afternoon. After all, your goal – to improve muscle condition, and does not harm the health.
By a course of a oximetolonaa can earn up to 15 kg of weight. But not all of that weight will be muscle mass, do not be fooled. The drug acts on the receptors of estrogen and progesterone, which leads to the accumulation of water and fat in tissues. That’s why, if you stop taking oxymetholone, then a bit of weight still continues. Not to say that the drug was of poor quality or poor. You only have to remember about the physiological characteristics of the organism.
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