Primobol British Dragon Pharmaceuticals 50mg


Substance: Methenolone AcetatePackage: 100tabs (50mg)


Primobol British Dragon Pharmaceuticals 50mg is an anabolic steroid which became very popular once it was claimed that it was one of Arnold’s favourites.

Interestingly, Primobol has a relatively high affinity for binding to the Androgen Receptor, and surprisingly it actually binds with more affinity than testosterone. This ability to strongly bind to the AR may be why Primobol is considered a good fat burner- although most Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivations are very potent fat burners (the notable exception being Anadrol).

Primobol British Dragon Pharmaceuticals 50mg has been used medically to reduce breast tumours, with a success rate of about a third, so we can safely assume that no Anti-Estrogen products would be necessary.

Primobol British Dragon Pharmaceuticals 50mg is very useful as both an anabolic as well as anti-catabolic agent, and the probable cause for this property is its ability to aid in nitrogen retention, which is a useful trait on both a bulking or cutting cycle.

One of the other very interesting facts about Primobol is that it’s one of the very few compounds available as both an oral as well as an injectable.

Although it is typically considered to be a very mild drug when inhibition of the natural hormonal profile is considered, this isn’t totally true. Men were given a 30-45mg dose of the oral version of Primobol, experienced between a 15% and 65% decrease in their Gonadatropin levels. Since we’re probably looking at double or triple that dose, for men to get any kind of results, it’s also probable that gonadal inhibition will also be increased.