Primotabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 40mg


Substance: Methenolone AcetatePackage: 100 tabs (40mg)


DESCRIPTION Primotabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 40mg

Steroid profile methenolon enanthate Primotabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 40mg:

1. The activity of the substance : oral 5 hours
2. Classification: Steroid Anabolic ray / Androgenic origin
3. Method of application: tablets
4. Dosage: Oral: 5. Men 100mg\day \ Women 50 mg\day
6. Water retention: No
7. High blood pressure: No
8. Hepatotoxicity: Mild or absent
9. Aromatase: No
10. Progestogenic activity: No
11. DHT(dihydrotestosterone) conversion: No
12. Decrease HPTA function (production of testosterone): Yes(weak)
13. Anabolic activity(88%)\ Androgenic activity(44%)
14. The detection time is 40-45 days

Pharmacological action Methenolone Acetate (Primobol):

Methenolone is the same as boldenone which is perfect for beginners in steroid therapy, low androgenic activity and lack of flavour make it indispensable for women athletes and the health conscious. Used on drying or when you need a little gain muscle of good quality. Perfectly combined with almost all steroids. This is a relatively easy and safe choice for a steroid bridge between courses.

Separately want to note the tablet version of Primobolan, the lifespan of the drug is 5 hours, so you need to use the tablet more often than 3 times a day. This form is very effective in women, the dosage is calculated is lighter and softer than the acetate version. So it is not hepatoxic, in almost any dosage, which is ideal when training for competitions. Used during drying. In women raises libido.

Summing up I will say that the injectable form is good for mass, and a bridge between courses, oral to prepare for the competition. Primobolan can be considered one of the safest drugs in use today.

Side effects Methenolone Acetate (Primobol):

1. Significant reduction in the level of testosterone in excess of the dosages in 600мг
2. Aggression and irritability
3. Insomnia
4. The increase in liver enzymes at high dosages
5. Practically does not cause androgenic side effects such as hair loss, hair growth, acne, etc.