Provibol Alpha Pharma 25mg


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Provibol Alpha Pharma 25mg

Provibol Alpha Pharma 25mg – hormonal drug, the active substance Mesterolone, which is capable of enhancing the function of erection and to cause a slight androgenic activity. Bodybuilders use Provibol during the course of anabolic steroids – it helps to solve a variety of tasks. Provibol is not giving steroids in the body turning into estrogen, as the aromatase inhibitor. Provibol do not develop gynecomastia, prevents edema, fat deposits and estrogen side effects. Does not prevent the body to produce its own testosterone (increased doses may inhibit the production), but on the contrary, helps increase the concentrations of free testosterone in the blood, blocking the activity of sex hormone binding globulin.

Very often the drug Provibol Alpha Pharma 25mg is used during post-cycle therapy, although the feasibility of this action is questionable because this drug is absolutely no ability to restore the secretion of endogenous testosterone.
Method of application Provibol and dosage during the course
The daily rate for men is digit equal to 50 mg which should be divided into two parts and taken after meals. Valid the dosage to 100 mg Provibol a day. A higher dose of Provibol can lead to unexpected and unpleasant effects. If after beginning treatment with the drug began to appear long-lasting erection, which in most cases are painful or cause discomfort, you should reduce the amount you take of the drug or stop using it altogether. You need to keep in mind that the drug has a positive effect on libido and improves potency in men and this is why its use is justified on a course of medication to reduce libido. In bodybuilding Provibol Alpha Pharma 25mg is often taken at a time when athletes prepare for competitions, because it is able to increase the hardness of the muscle and gives it a bump. Provibol is a favorite drug of Western movie stars, which they use to preserve the attractiveness and increase the “muscularity” of the body because they are afraid to use heavier steroid “artillery”. This drug is also very popular with women bodybuilders, as it gives the muscles density. Women, in turn, must strictly follow the dosage which should not exceed 25 mg a day not more than four weeks, so as not to cause virilization.
Side effects:
This drug in moderate doses has no toxic effects on the liver, making its application harmless for several weeks. He also does not suppress the axis hypothalamus – pituitary – testes. The chemical nature of the drug has a lot of similarities with the dihydrotestosterone, which can cause hypertrophy of the prostate and male pattern baldness of the scalp, which is more rich in the scalp. To prevent side effects should from time to time to conduct examinations of the prostate gland.
Security measures and warnings while taking the drug:
Hormone-like substances, which are part of the drug Provibol, sometimes called benign, rarely malignant liver tumours. Unique in rare cases the drug may cause bleeding inside the abdominal cavity, formed by such tumors. If after taking the drug Provibol, there is a sharp pain in the upper abdomen, increased liver or there are signs of bleeding inside the abdomen, then the differential diagnosis must take into account the probability of having a liver tumor.
The weakening of the AU
Dan Duchaine”s Underground Steroid Handbook II was first published the information that Provibol and steroids affect the same receptors, thereby limiting their performance. Many authors immediately picked up this initiative and began to spread among the masses of athletes incorrect information. But if the athlete are present basic knowledge of the pharmacokinetics, it’s easy to refute this lie:
1. Presents estrogen does not accumulate in the body and is quickly destroyed in the muscles to inactive metabolites.
2. Has significant similarity with the binding protein (SHBG), which suggests that the drug may significantly increase the concentration of free AC, which improves the effectiveness of the course.