Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg


Substance: MesterolonePackage: 100 tabs (20mg)

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Concentration: 20 mg

Operating substance: mesterolone

Manufacturer: LYKA LABS

Price per: 100 tablets

Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg
Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg (active ingredient — mesterolone), manufactured by Indian company LYKA LABS, belongs to a class of drugs steroid with weak anabolic activity and pronounced androgenic effects. It is prescribed to take, starting from the second week of the course AAS, to prevent estrogenos conversion and developing symptoms of gynecomastia. Other functions and methods of acceptance let us consider further</description>

As you know, anabolic steroid use causes not only enhanced muscle growth, but sometimes associated with some side effects. To eliminate them, the athletes resort to the help of ancillary drugs, to eliminate possible negative effects of AAS. These include Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg, the price is quite reasonable. It can neutralize excessive hormonal conversion of steroids into estrogen with all the undesirable consequences of this process.

Among the main effects of mesterolone are the following:

-protects against the appearance of unwanted side effects aromatase when using AAS, including gynecomastia, water retention in the body, increase of body weight due to fat deposits and more;

-restores and maintains the natural synthesis of testosterone on the course and after graduation;

helps to increase the quality of the recruited muscle fibers, creating a dense, solid musculature;

-increases libido, erective functions and other men’s possible sexual sphere.

Method of ingestion and dosage Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg
Before taking the drug Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg, which you can buy in our online shop, you should carefully study the instructions for its use. Doses are selected individually, but the average daily rate of mesterolone ranges from 25 to 100 mg.

For male athletes often are advised to take Proviron at 50 mg per day, dividing it into two times, morning and evening. The use of this drug is undesirable in connection with the possible occurrence of manifestations of virilization, which is expressed in excessive owolosenie of the skin, roughness of voice, and other signs of increased male hormones. However, in exceptional cases, professional bodybuilders use Provirol Lyka Labs 20mg to a minimum dose of 25 mg daily.