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Description Proviron capsules The British Dispensary 40mg
Proviron capsules The British Dispensary 40mg is androgenic steroid drug with anti-estrogenic properties. Effectively used in sports practice to perform various tasks. For a set of muscle mass of athletes in bodybuilding and other disciplines not normally used, because it has a pronounced anabolic activity.
Proviron tablets from British Dispensary
The active ingredient of the drug, mesterolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and is able to exert anti-estrogenic effect. The body acts as an aromatase inhibitor, preventing the conversion of steroids into estrogen. Has a relatively high androgenic activity (150% of testosterone) and a relatively weak anabolic effect, the anabolic activity is about 40% of testosterone.
Proviron capsules The British Dispensary 40mg, like analogs may have application not only in sports but also in traditional medical practice (treatment). In sports, in particular bodybuilding, it is often used as auxiliary means during steroid courses to increase the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, increasing libido and to prevent estrogenic side effects.
Also, the product can be applied during the precompetitive training and in General with the aim of increasing the prominence and density of the muscles.
Proviron capsules The British Dispensary 40mg as drugs in medicine, in turn, can be used with reduced performance in older and middle age, the deterioration of gonadal function, the violation of potency, male infertility associated with a deficiency of Leydig cells and oligospermia, aplastic anemia and psycho-vegetative disorders. This is all accepted indications for the use of mesterolone for medical purposes. Contraindications to its acceptance of the following: cancer of the prostate and liver tumors, including history.
Sport capsules Proviron is recommended only for men, women are not consulted, usually due to high androgenetic. Athletes using the drug face the risk of virilization symptoms. If more, girls can disturb such violations, improving oily skin, acne and deepening of the voice.
Can this tool provide side effects and men. When taken likely are androgenic side effects. It can be greasy skin and acne (acne pimples), excessive hair on body or face, the growth of aggression in the host.
Other possible side effects of Proviron in capsules: frequent and prolonged erections. Hepatotoxicity has not, progestogenic or estrogenic activity has not. When side effects may require removal of the drug.
Overall, Proviron capsules – is an effective steroid remedy, a more detailed description of the active substance and properties which You can find on our Forum. Here You will be able to obtain an additional certificate purchased or are interested in pharmacology, from steroids to estrogens.
Store capsules at room temperature in a dry place, inaccessible to light and moisture. Hide from children and Pets as a precaution.
Capsules Proviron: application
In sports the drug can be effectively used by men or as an auxiliary agent during a course of steroids or on the course to get tight and hard muscles. For medical purposes it should be cautious to use boys under sixteen years and not to violate the recommendations.
Recommended in sport dosage Proviron capsules as a Supplement, increase testosterone levels and have anti-estrogenic properties, is of the order of 25-50 mg a day (possibly up to 100 mg per day). It is usually used with the first weeks to the end of the course to prevent possible steroid side effects, or already with the appearance of certain symptoms.
If the drug is used in the course of drying, in which case the dosage may range from 25 to 150 mg per day depending on experience and needs of the athlete. The maximum duration of reception no more than 12 weeks.
The use of Proviron capsules is based on daily administration of the drug, because it is usually a short term activity. The duration of the material after reception of the order of 12 hours. The detection time is about 2 months.
To calculate the number of capsules required for use of a particular dose, it is not difficult, because they truly have a concentration of active substance is 25 mg per capsule. It turns out that You need exactly 1 capsule dose 25 mg, 2 capsules – 50 mg, and so on. Mistake is almost impossible.
If you want to find out more on the application of this pharmacological agents and to obtain individual recommendations, in this case, you should visit our Forum. Experienced sports doctor, a coach of bodybuilding, the master of sports of weightlifting and other specialists, if necessary, will give advice on the course You are interested in drugs like anti-estrogens or anabolic steroids.