Proviron-Ver Vermodje 40mg


Substance: MesterolonePackage: 50 tabs (40mg)

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Proviron-Ver Vermodje 40mg is preformed by the antiestrogen. Proviron-Ver Vermodje 40mg is not a steroid, that is, has no anabolic properties but, despite this, is actively used in bodybuilding.

First, what is it used for the drug is the result of its structure. Formula is shortened, therefore, is not capable of converting into estrogen, but, nevertheless, the drug has a higher affinity for the aromatase enzyme than testosterone.

The second point is the intertwining of the protein is not converted into the androgen receptor. This drug is not effective in itself, so for efficiency you need to use the drug in the complex. What specifically is better to consult with a trainer or doctor. The third application is to use the drug directly in the precompetitive period. This increases stiffness and muscle volume. By the way, Proviron-Ver Vermodje 40mg is used not only by bodybuilders but also actors and models (immediately before filming in order to acquire the desired shape).

Another use of this drug during cycle steroid with low androgenic effect.

For men the correct dose is 50 mg per day, but divided into two doses. If you break the rules of dosage, the effect can be opposite to the expected. Given the fact that the drug contributes to increased libido, it can be used on the course, which lowers libido.

Women bodybuilders also used this drug, but in very limited doses – not more than 25 mg and a course can last up to four weeks. Of course, professional athletes do not adhere to this principle.