Provitabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 50mg


Substance: MesterolonePackage: 50 tabs (50mg)

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Provitabs G-Tech Pharmaceuticals 50mg is a very potent androgen with no anabolic content. Its beauty is that, once in the body it releases the receptor from estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that is attached to him. As a result of increased potency, improving erections, improving mood and General well-being. Decreases water retention, reduces the pressure. You will get all of using Proviron on the course, hard course testosterone+soundboard+oxymetholone, trenbolone and other “heavy” drugs – This is the BRIGHT side.
Dosages 25-50mg per day.

Lower efficiency rate, working weights, body volume and muscle mass is DARK. If Proviron has a positive effect and you get only positive effects – this drug is for you, if not, then you should not experiment with it further.

Of course the DCR – when the task as quickly as possible to reduce the levels of estrogen and progesterone to raise testosterone. The use of Proviron will only delay the result.