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Stanabol Jera Labs 25mg (aka Winstrol or stromba) is one of the most used and effective anabolic steroids. It is noteworthy that it was originally presented in two forms: injectable and tablet. If not for recent problems with nandrolone and its quantification, for the second year in a holding voltage the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF), we can without a doubt be called stanozolol an anabolic steroid of XX century. In the eighties stanozolol became the most popular drug in high-class athletes, and progress in many sports is directly linked to its systematic use. This performance enhancing drug has perhaps the most interesting story. The first part ‘has been completely invisible shadow, and the beginning of the second was marked by the most famous case in the history of anti-doping when, in the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul the day after the triumph of the brilliant victory in the women’s 100 metres world record of 9.79!. – Ben Johnson wins the gold medal. “Stanozolol” is a word, then said at the press conference, Prince Alexander de Merod, who led the Medical Commission of the IOC and was responsible for anti-doping control. This word has since memorized the entire world. And few people knew how much pressure the Prince de Merod stood then on the part of sports officials and sporty magnates, who did not want to “stir up trouble and spoil your holiday.”

Stanozolol was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 under the brand name Winstrol. Originally the drug was designed to treat anemia hereditary angioedema, accelerate recovery after surgery, and also for use in veterinary medicine to increase muscle mass, stimulating blood, strong bones and appetite stimulation of weakened or diseased animals.

A little later the drug has been actively used for cross-country riding, to increase the speed performance. It quickly drew the attention of athletes bodybuilding and other power sports starting to use Winstrol ergogenic purpose.

Effects Of Stanabol Jera Labs 25mg
Winstrol in bodybuilding is very popular because its action is different from most steroids. The drug has little effect on body weight, however, gives relief to muscles, increases venous prorisovannost and burns fat, so it is used mostly during the courses of “drying”.

Relief muscles – one of the main effects of stanozolol; a significant increase in strength and endurance is a valuable effect in powerlifting and track and field athletics; fat burning; increased appetite; eliminate excess fluid from the body.

According to scientific tests, oral stanozolol in the amount of 0.2 mg per kilo of weight of the athlete lowers the level of globulin that binds anabolic hormones, up to 50%. This means that the effectiveness of other steroids in combination with stanozololum will increase significantly.

From 50mg a day and higher.