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Stanabol 10 mg x 100 tablets (British Dragon)

Stanabol today is considered one of the most popular anabolic steroid and is a synthetic derivative of testosterone – the male hormone. This use of anabolic steroids and athletes and bodybuilders.

The action of steroids increases the strength, weight and energy. Admission Stanabol effective in the implementation of programmes designed to increase muscle tissue. In parallel with the increase in body weight, which allows athletes to feel a surge of strength, power and endurance. One of the more obvious effects is also an achievement of quality muscle relief. The drug also promotes rapid burning of body fat, which is very important for the athletes. The acceptance of the funds in the form of tablets, can show the excess fluid from the body.

The active ingredient of the drug – stanozolol, was developed by the Winthrop laboratories in 1962. Initially is you assigned the role of a drug that is used in the medicine. Then, the AHA began to be used to increase the resistance and the performance of the horses of racing of speed. It was then when the Stanabol effect and drew attention to bodybuilders and other security forces, who began taking the drug as an ergogenic.

Professional world class he is also known as the Nimrod King and Shawn Ray took Stanabol in preparation for the Arnold Classic-91. Not less widely use and athletes like Ben Johnson, the Olympic champion in the race of 100 metres popular steroid. It used stanozolol, from whom, and the drug was developed.

Stanozolol course and dose

The reception of these tablets is recommended for people who have enough weight and different with moderate amounts of fat Constitution, since they function effectively to athletes seeking to achieve relief of muscle performance and increase the power. Stanabola dosage may vary from 2 to 12 tablets a day. She is determined individually, taking in has the data physical of the athlete.

Stanabol optimal dosage, according to experts, is 25-60 mg a day. For a better assimilation of the active substance in the body, take the tablets with meals twice a day with a glass of water (non-alcoholic). This not only provides the maximum reabsorption, but it also eliminates the possibility of disorder of the digestive system due to the intake of medicines.

To increase the performance of power, you can buy Stanabol and combined with oxandrolone. It is often necessary for the athletes don’t want to additional weight gain. The steroid in combination with the oxymetholone, norethandrolone or nandrolone decanoate – recommended for use with those who want to eliminate the unwanted accumulation of fluids before steroids. Such combinations suppress the activity of progestogens and eliminate the risk of gynecomastia.

The use of this system of prior authorization for the “drying” can carry out in combination with boldenone, Primobol, testosterone propionate. A combination with pre-competitive Parabolan effectively for bodybuilders who are dried, then muscle will grow even with a low carb lean diet.

Stanabol views

This steroid is very popular in bodybuilding, but it is the most widely used in athletics. Please keep in mind that this anabolic refers to doping substances, by the trenbolone user course must choose with care for athletes undergoing doping controls before the race.

Many famous athletes have used these steroids, which gave them the opportunity to achieve impressive results. Ben Jones lost the title of Olympic champion and world record established by them was not recognized due to the intake of this drug. In bodybuilding similar cases are known, when the rates of stanzas took the victory of the King Nimrod and Shawn Ray. If you know how to avoid the drug testing (this is a topic for another article) – feel free to take it, methane or other anabolic steroids not only to help increase their resistance to the force, increase muscle mass, and you enter in the State of “alpha”.

Stanabol effects side

This steroid is not recommended for women athletes. Even the lowest dose that causes the syndrome of severe virilization – the acquisition of the distinctive features peculiar to men. The drug is contraindicated for women Stanabol as virilization can occur even with a single dose of steroids. The risk in this case is not justified, therefore, opinions about anabolic steroids and revisions indicate that it is – a man drugs.

Steroids does not belong to the Group of estrogen, so the rate Stanabola is not propitious for the emergence of edema and gynecomastia. In general, the drug is considered one of the safest. Stanabola side effects occur infrequently. The guarantee of their complete lack of a proper developed a course of the drug, that, in the majority of cases there are no negative consequences athletes do not bother.

stanabol steroid medication, whose price is affordable, can sometimes cause increases in blood pressure. It may involve increased cholesterol levels, while it occurs in a few cases. Experts recommend to control the liver function during treatment, but the responses of athletes who use steroids regularly show rare occurrence of health problems. After the course is usually recommended Karsil or any product based on Milk Thistle plant, which contributes to the restoration of the liver cells.

The active ingredient of the drug – stanozolol, promotes the Elimination of fluid from the body of the athlete, in some cases, pain joint is due to a lack of sufficient joint lubrication. To protect the ligaments and joints, take these pills, it is recommended to refrain from operating heavy weights in the exercises.

The drug is contraindicated for use Stanabol only for women but for men this steroid is one of the safest. It is not subject to aromatization, although there is a possibility that the stabilization of the androgen receptors. In such cases, it can cause acne in men and the problems of hair (loss).