Stanodrol Lyka Labs 10mg


Substance: StanozololPackage: 100 tabs (10mg)

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Active substance: Stanazolol
Concentration: 10mg/tab
Form release: 100 tab
Country: India

Stanodrol Lyka Labs 10mg, Winstrol is the main component, is very soft, but strong anabolic steroid.
Duration of action: Stanozolol has a short term collapse in the body, therefore regardless of the dosage it should be taken often. To put on weight or take it every day or once in 2-3 days but combining with other, more long drugs. Using stanazolol possible to gain quality mass.
The result: Winstrol gives a distinct quality mass, which contributes to muscle definition and separation of muscles. On the net Winstrol is difficult to gain a lot of weight, but all points will be of exceptional quality. In combination with other drugs Winstrol gives a noticeable improvement in the quality gaining weight, despite the fact that the total mass obtained for the course, not reduced. Thanks to a set that is dry, quality mass, very much grow power, also ventral increases strength and endurance of existing muscle. If you want to gain quality weight, use this product.
Combination with other drugs, doses: Injectable Winstrol has proven itself in combination with the mass of the bead preparations. Combine Winstrol with drugs can be long, Methane, DECA Durabolin , Sustanon, Primobolan, long esters of Testosterone. And short drugs – Testosterone propionate, Trenbolone, Boldenone, Dubal. The drug can be called a multi-purpose, it can be used on mass to reach the set more quality muscles, for this purpose it is enough to put at 50mg every 3-4 days on the back of strong mass composing the courses usually gives a watery muscles. Winstrol is also good to use for a set of high-quality dry mass. Solo apply it quite expensive, therefore put him on 50mg a day, amid preparations for dry weight which actually give the main increase, for example, Primobolan 400-500 per week, Boldenone 600-800 per week etc. Also Stanodrol Lyka Labs 10mg is used for weight loss during the diet, the use of stanozolol helps to keep muscle mass gives you the strength to workout, kicks the water. For these purposes it is taken in a small amount of about 30mg per day(as tablets) or 50 mg every three days in the form of injections, together with Testosterone propionate. Also Winstrol is actively used in the pre competition period when muscle is already dry to give them effect section, for this it is put in the final weeks before the competition at 100-200mg per day, and sometimes daily dosage reach up to 500 mg. Examples of the use of Winstrol in the courses, see the Courses section on our website. Also it shows how to gain weight using stanazolol.