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DESCRIPTION Stanozolol Body Pharm LTD 10mg

Active substance: stanozolol (stanozolol).
Stanozolol 10 mg is a powerful anabolic drug steroid with little androgenic activity, produced by the company Body-pharm. It has a rapid effect and an extensive list of positive effects that occur during the course.
Used the steroid Stanozolol 10 mg usually in sports practice. It is great for drying because it removes excess fluid from the body and burns fat. Also take it regularly as a means of enhancing strength and endurance. However, he can be useful outside of sports, for example in medicine, for muscular dystrophy, in violation of protein synthesis for faster recovery after injuries, burns, surgeries, and so on.
Description Stanozolol 10 mg from Body-pharm
The basis of preparation, as you can tell by its name, is a steroid stanozolol. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with an enhanced anabolic and a reduced androgenic activity (320% anabolic capacity and 30% of the androgenic capacity of endogenous testosterone).
Structurally stanozolol oral the notable addition of a methyl group in 17-alpha, to prevent the imminent disintegration of substances in the liver. It’s makes it and preparations on its basis, in particular Stanozolol from Body-pharm, toxic to the liver. Of the features of this steroid, it is also possible to highlight the ability to progesterone antagonism of receptors in the human body and to the suppression of binding of glucocorticosteroids with their receptors.
Acts stanozolol in tablet form, and, consequently, the drug Body-pharmPharmaceutical Co Ltd, is not very long – about eight hours, but rapidly. Plus, it is quite rapidly excreted from the body (the detection time is 3 weeks), so athletes regularly take it when training for competitions.
The effects of the same vested in the drug Stanozolol 10 mg, multiple and most useful in sports practice or beyond:
• Improves relief, dryness and stiffness of the muscles;
• Significantly increases the force and volume of endurance;
• Enhances the appetite;
• Burns fat;
• Removes fluid from the body;
• Lowers the level of globulin, twice reducing the effectiveness of anabolic hormones.
However, you can about yourself to know and side effects of Stanozolol 10 mg from Zhengzhou, including:
• High blood pressure;
• Increase of level of cholesterol in the blood;
• Toxic effect on the liver;
• Hypertrophy of the myocardium.
Storage conditions have Stanozolol 10 mg production Body-pharm following:
• Storage temperature – within the room indicators;
• The storage place should be protected from light and moisture;
• Tablets must be secured to hide from domestic animals and children.
Course, how to take Stanozolol from Body-pharm
This is a steroid drug often used in courses drying when you need to get quality muscle mass, devoid of water and fat. Also take it regularly to increase endurance and strength. But about all under the order.
For starters, let’s say that the recommended application dosage of Stanozolol from Body-pharm is 10-50 mg. And these volumes are used daily and because of stanozolol in tablets relatively short period of time activity up to 8 hours. Last courses his participation on the average about six full weeks. These doses, frequency and duration of the appointment is usually enough to achieve meaningful results.
Important: the concentration of active substance in one tablet of this drug is 10 mg (10mg/tab). This means that the introduction of recommended doses of Stanozolol Body-pharm, 10-50 mg, You will need from 1 to 5 tablets. Thus, one hundred of pills contained in one pack should last You a minimum of 20, maximum of 100 days.