Stanozolol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5mg


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From Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Stanozolol – anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Chinese pharmaceutical company. Release form – tablets, pack of 100 PCs, 10 mg/tab. The main active substance is stanozolol. The AAS was first invented by the company Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 to increase the speed horses. Structurally stanozolol is a derivative form of dihydrotestosterone. At the time a leading organization in the United States for the control of medicines and food additives, the FDA approved it for human use. Stanozolol is an antagonist of progesterone, but this does not mean that it somehow protects the body from progestogenic effect caused by nandrolone. Oral steroid has a high resistance due to the presence of alpha-17 alkyl groups, preventing the destruction of the substances passing through the liver and lead to some toxicity. Tableted stanozolol has a high rate of bioavailability.

Stanozolol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5mg
Anabolic activity of this drug is 320% of the testosterone, androgen – 30%. Steroid conversorum into estrogens, has been running for 8 hours and is detected on a doping conrol up to a year since the last reception. The use of stanozolol competing athletes are virtually eliminated. As this steroid is one of the safest in sparing doses it can apply to women.

Effects from taking Stanozolol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5mg
Drawing muscles, providing relief.
Strengthening the appetite.
The excretion of accumulated fluid from the body.
Increasing endurance and strength.
The presence of antiprogestagennoe and antiestrogenic effects (not proven for sure).
Stanozolol from Zhengzhou effectively burns up the fat cells, because it is often used and the courses of “drying”. If the goal is to gain mass, stanozolol is used only as auxiliary means to compensate the possible side effects from other AAS.

How to take Stanozolol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5mg

Course of Stanozolol from Zhengzhou perfect for athletes with moderate body fat who wish to gain severe muscles, while improving the basic physiological indicators of an organism. Safe maximum daily dosage is 30 milligrams. The duration of administration varies from 5 to 8 weeks. Tighten the course for a longer time makes no sense, since in this case, rapidly increases the risk of side effects, particularly liver damage. Conducting PKT advisable to begin a few days after discontinuation of the steroid. Specialized sports nutrition for relief will significantly increase the effectiveness of the drug.

As for how to take Stanozolol in conjunction with other AAS, the experienced athletes always use it in combination with testosterone. In addition to the main male hormone, to increase muscle mass in the course often include other strong androgens, for example, Methandrostenolone, or Anadrol. Winstrol creates a certain balance, increasing the anabolic and decreasing estrogenic effects.

Side effects Stanozolol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 5mg

It is known that this steroid “dry”. Side effects from Stanozolol from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical most commonly associated with pain and ligament injuries. To mitigate this impact it is recommended that participation in the course decanoate or testosterone, as well as special sports supplements to strengthen ligaments and joints. It is possible to increase the level of bad cholesterol, occasionally androgenic reactions such as acne, hair loss, suppress the production of testosterone. To compensate for the adverse effects on the liver effective extract of milk Thistle (however, you can use other hepatoprotectors). With a significant excess of recommended doses does not exclude the development of myocardial hypertrophy.