Tadalafil Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 50mg


Substance: Tadalafil CitratePackage: 50 tabs (50mg)


The health of the reproductive system is one of the keys to a fulfilling life, so problems in this area, which, according to statistics, is faced every fifth man, need to decide quickly. This will help modern drugs to increase potency. Buy them at affordable prices you can in our Internet-shop of sports pharmacology.

The maximum effect develops within 2 hours after the consumption of Tadalafil. Connection with the supply of blood is stand for 17 hours with a gradual breakdown of the drug release through the intestines, kidneys. There are reviews, when the onset of action for close to half an hour, lasts for 2-3 days. For such a long lasting effect of Tadalafil, as Cialis, the drug called “weekend”.
The main properties of Tadalafil Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 50mg :

– increase testosterone levels

– not a steroid drug

– snapshot of activity

– improve erections

– works only with sexual stimulation

– long-lasting action (36 hours)

Half-life – 17-18 hours

Optimal dosage – 10-20 mg

The duration of the course individually

Tadalafil Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 50mg is different from the means sildenafil that does not require a dose adjustment:

– in the elderly (the dose may be the same as in young men);

– in patients with diabetes;

– at any degree of hepatic insufficiency.