Turanabol Body Pharm LTD 20mg


Substance: 4-ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePackage: 100 tabs (20mg)


WHAT IS Turanabol Body Pharm LTD 20mg

TURANABOL from BODY PHARM LTD is a well-known to all of us turinabol. Experienced athletes probably understood it by its name. This steroid was developed specifically for athletes. It happened in the middle of the last century on the territory of the now defunct state of East Germany. Despite the “age” of this active component, all global brands today produce steroids based on it. This is largely due to the high efficiency of turinabol and its versatility. Soon you will realize what was going on, but for now note that Turinabol price looks very attractive.

Turanabol Body Pharm LTD 20mg TO BUY EFFECTS

The drug has passed a great test during the Olympic Games. This is what landmark in the world of sports events it was created. Then the athletes of the national team of the GDR was able to achieve outstanding results. Let’s look at the properties of the drug:

Over the course of the drug you can gain 3 to 5 pounds of quality mass in the absence of side effects.
Increase physical parameters.
Is not converted into estrogen.
Positively affects the most important muscle of the human body – the heart.
Note that the drug is largely similar to methane, but the main difference is the lack of inclination to flavor. Although the speed of the weight when using turinabol and low quality, this drawback is completely eliminates. If you need cheap efficient tablet drug for weight high quality, then you should Turinabol price to buy.


The daily dose of the drug is from 20 to 40 milligrams. Exceeding the maximum specified value will not lead to efficiency growth rate, making this step unnecessary. Since the drug has a short half-life, it is recommended to take it three times a day.

Also note that experienced builders can throughout the day use up to 0.15 gram turinabol. Beginners it is sufficient to use the minimum dose. Turanabol Body Pharm LTD 20mg price the course lasts about 45 days and this period is sufficient that the athletes got great results. We have said that Pro-athletes use much greater dosages compared to recommended. However, they hold combined courses. This most commonly used long-acting testosterone containing drugs, nandrolone decanoate, trenbolone. We need to mention the possibility of using steroid women.