Turinabol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 50mg


Substance: 4-ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePackage: 50 tabs (50mg)


Turinabol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 50mg
Turinabol was developed by the German pharmaceutical company. The structure and action similar to methandrostenolone. There are also such options as turnover, Turik, turanabol and others. Has a strong anabolic activity and moderate androgenic action. Designed to reduce the side effects

The main action Turinabol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 50mg include:

Does not aromatize
Does not retain liquid
Qualitative indicators of power and mass
Positive effect on vessels
Increases the level of testosterone
Turinabol ZPHC course
Was developed the optimum dose turinabol is 20-40 mg per day. Under this option, side effects are minimized, and the efficiency is quite high. In bodybuilding there are known cases of application of 100-150 mg per day. It is possible to use turinabol zhengzhou as during the drying process,and the recruitment of muscle mass. The course is not recommended to increase more than 6 weeks, and the average may be around 6 – 8 weeks.

The first course of steroids would be the optimal duration of 6 weeks. The dosage of 40 mg per day are optimal for muscle mass and improved strength. As a Supplement can be used in conjunction with testosterone enanthate or Sustanon at 250 mg a week. At the duration the same in 6 weeks. This week rule out testosterone, continuing will take turinabol.

Turinabol Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical 50mg reviews
In order to understand what is the effect on the athletes, we recommend you to read about Turinabol Zhengzhou reviews. Basically, you will see a positive rating, the highest possible price in comparison with methane. But the number of “side effects” are minimal, so the drug is safe enough to use. So simply take turinabol, doses tablets easy to calculate.

We also recommend you to pay attention to other products from Zhengzhou, and to ensure the high quality of their products. But the affordability, again, adds points turinabol reviews! So turinabol is a great steroid with minimal side effects. Yet it is worth noting that is suitable for use in other sports, but with smaller dosages.