Turinadrol Lyka Labs 10mg


Substance: 4-ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePackage: 100 tabs (10mg)


Turinadrol Lyka Labs 10mg is similar to methandrostenolone in 4th position which put the chlorine atom. Because of this change Turinadrol (Turnagra) does not aromatize. This is not the only plus of the drug, the drug in a short time can not be detected in doping control. Buy Morinaka (Turinadrol) in the Russian Federation are officially allowed only by prescription, as Turinadrol (Turnagra) apply to highly active ingredients. Turinadrol (Turnagra) is very similar to methandrostenolone not only on composition but also on the effects on the athlete. Of course Turinadrol (Turnagra) is weaker and its use slowly increases muscle mass due to the fact that the steroid liquid does not accumulate in the body of an athlete. But the increase in muscle mass is high quality and almost all of remains after use.

Turinadrol Lyka Labs 10mg increases the strength of the athlete. Turinadrol (Turnagra), as mentioned above, it quickly leaves the body (does not give a positive result on a doping control after 6-8 days after use). The drug makes muskulatur hard due to the fact that there is no accumulation of fluid. Turinadrol Lyka Labs 10mg is often used during a low calorie diet to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass.
Before performances in bodybuilding Turinadrol (Turnagra), usually combined with Oxandrolone, stanozolol, trenbolone and also testosterone propionate. The combination of Oxandrolone is of course weak for serious athletes and better suited for girls. It is possible to apply Turinadrol (Turnagra) and the recruitment of muscle mass, combining it with testosterone, nandrolone decanoate. The ability to greatly reduce endogenous testosterone production, makes possible the use of the drug Turinadrol (Turnagra), in small doses, between courses of potent steroid to keep in shape.